Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not about technology; it is about strategy, leadership, and new ways of thinking about the best way to connect with customers in a new, hyper-connected world.
But there is a dilemma many organizations are grappling with:

PwC`s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey found that…


of CEO`s chose “technology advances” among the global trends transforming their business over the next 5 years–the most citied trend in the survey.

However a recent study by digital transformation leader Bizagi reported that…


of business leaders agree that “efforts to transform the business externally are undermined by the internal complexity of the organization.”

Accelerating Digital Leadership, a new leadership program from CX Workout represents the first step to solving this dilemma in your organization.

An Exciting Collaboration: CX Workout and Professor David L. Rogers

To provide the latest best practice research and tools to program participants, we have partnered with Prof. David Roger of Columbia Business School, author of the best-seller: The Digital Transformation Playbook – Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age.

Managers attending this program will:
  • Understand the 5 Domains of Digital Transformation that reveal how any organization can embrace digital transformation for true strategic impact and growth.
  • Learn where their own company stands across 22 practices associated with digital leaders, based on Prof. Rogers’s extensive research into organizations including Google, Amazon and Intuit.
  • Leave with a Digital Transformation Playbook to guide their company’s own digital transformation, applying 9 unique tools including the Customer Network Strategy Generator and the Platform Business Model Map.
Five Domains of Transformation

During the program participants will learn about the 5 Domains of Digital Transformation that every organization must master to ensure their continued growth and strategic impact.

Customers – Engage customers to let them drive the stories that will build the brand. Follow them along their numerous paths to purchase, and work with them to co-create the value they seek.

Data – Data is no longer just for operational purposes, but
it’s a source of value creation. Data is now an intangible strategic asset that will grow over time, and it needs to be treated as such.

Value – Shift your focus from defending your existing value delivery, to welcoming opportunities for adapting and expanding the value you deliver.

Competition – Competition isn’t always direct, but often asymmetric. Industry boundaries are fluid, and direct competition with traditional rivals is less important than jockeying for influence between firms with very different business models.

Innovation – Experimentation is quickly becoming more flexible and continuous than before. Leaders need to pose the right questions to engage the creative power of their teams,
and provide them the ability and freedom to rapidly test different solutions.

Free Digital Maturity

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Program Highlights

Each of the domains has a core strategic theme that provides a point of departure for each participant’s digital strategy.  Accelerating Digital Leadership equips individuals and teams with practical tools and best practices to translate each theme into a specific application in their organization.

customers Customers
  • Reinvented marketing funnel
  • Path to purchase
  • Core behaviors of customer networks
competition Competition
  • Platform business models
  • (In)direct network effects
  • (Dis)intermediation
  • Competitive value trains
data Data
  • Templates of data value
  • Drivers of big data
  • Data-driven decision-making
innovation Innovation
  • Divergent experimentation
  • Convergent experimentation
  • Minimum viable prototype
  • Paths to scaling up
value Value
  • Concepts of market value
  • Paths out of a declining market
  • Steps to value proposition evolution
Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

Prior to attending the program, participants complete a Digital Transformation Assessment that provides feedback on their company’s performance across 22 Best Practices.

Platform Wars Simulation

During the program, participants play the role of a senior management team competing in a platform environment to drive home the learning around multi-sided platform concepts.

Platform Business Model Map

Participants apply a new tool – the Platform Business Model Map – applying 7 critical questions that must be answered to execute a platform model.

Artificial Intelligence-based Field Testing

To facilitate Rapid Experimentation, participants apply a new state-of-the-art software platform that leverages machine learning to capture feedback from large populations of target customers about their proposed solutions to real world problems.


The program can be delivered as either a 3-day classroom program:


Welcome and Gateway Case

The 5 Domains of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment Results

Theme 1 – Harness Customer Networks


Theme 1 – Harness Customer Networks – Gallery Walk Excersise

Theme 2 – Build Platforms – Not Just Products

End of Day Summary



Platform Wars Simulation

Re-thinking Competition in a Digital Environment


Theme 3 – Turn Data into Assets – Data Value Generator

Theme 4 – Innovate by Rapid Experimentation

End of Day Summary



Theme 5 – Adapt Your Value Proposition

Mastering Disruptive Business Models and Disruptive Response Planner


Final Planning: Leading Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

End of Program

Or as a Blended Learning Program with Action Learning Projects:


1.5 Days Classroom

  • Introduction
  • Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment Results
  • Theme 1 – Harness Customer Networks
  • Theme 2 – Build Platforms – Not Just Products

2 hour Virtual Instructor-led Session

  • Theme 3 -Turn Data into Assets

2 hour Virtual Instructor-led Session

  • Theme 4 – Innovate by Rapid Experimentation
ACTION Learning

In Field

8-10 week Application of Program Content to each Team`s Project


1 Day Classroom

  • Capstone Event Action Learning  Report Out
  • Theme 5 – Adapt Your Value Proposition
  • Mastering Disruptive Business Models
  • Leading Digital Transformation in the Enterprise
Target Audience

Although the program is most relevant for senior managers, several modules from the program can be customized to all levels of the organization from frontline managers to individual contributors.

Begin Your Digital Transformation Today

Accelerating Digital Leadership represents the latest research and tools for guiding digital transformation in your organization no matter where you are on the digital maturity curve. Contact us today for more information: email or call 855-204-2012.