Clients & Advisors


Adobe – Barbie Fink

Barbie Fink, Director of Customer Experience at Adobe, has provided input on CX Workout from the very beginning. Barbie’s expert insight into customer experience design and what makes for great software has been fundamental to our success.

DocuSign – Erin Smith and Aviva Rosenstein

Our work with DocuSign has applied CX Workout to solve real business problems. Erin and Aviva have been tireless partners, helping define and test new features that have improved the platform functionality and set a high bar for our product roadmap.

GoDaddy – Doug Reston

Our very first Beta Program partner! CX Workout represents a whole new way to visualize the customer experience for GoDaddy Persona’s and align the organization to a common customer path to advocacy.

NetApp – James Bampos

One of our industry’s leaders and innovators in the field of Customer Experience. James Bampos saw the vision of CX Workout immediately and has believed in it ever since. Positioned as a new way of both co-creating solutions with customers and monitoring NetApp’s performance leveraging media at key touchpoints in the experience, CX Workout represents a foundational element of NetApp’s CX strategy.

Optum – Ed Boudrot

Ed Boudrot has said, “CX Workout redefines the concept of Experience Design, Service Blueprinting and Journey Mapping truly enabling customer co-creation resulting in actionable innovation.” What more can we say? Ed is true partner in every sense of the word.