Faster Time to Actionable Insights

Customers capture mobile videos and images, uploading them in real-time

Results In Half The Time

Imagine your customers as ethnographic researchers sharing video and image files, ratings and comments that bring their experience to life. Speed up your path to insights by hosting short-term online discussions to go deep on key issues and co-create solutions that add value.

Benefits with Bottom Line Impact

Get More Clarity & Speed

Get powerful insights with easy to use tools quickly focusing on customer priorities.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

Connect with your customers real-time, bringing their experience to life.

Customer Co-Creation

It’s easy with CX Workout to move beyond customer journey mapping, to customer co-creation.

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Customer driven innovation

in half the time and at half the cost


A Tool for Co-Creation

CX Workout makes it easy for you to move into true customer co-creation. Develop new ways to solve customer issues and create value. Use Missions and Discussions to co-create with your customers.

Online Tools Make it Easy

CX Workout offers online tools that help keep your costs low. No more flying around the country to conduct focus groups, get online and find out how to solve your biggest customer pain points.

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