4 Customer Experience Tactics to Ensure You Improve the Right Things

Modified: June 10, 2019 at 12:49 pm

By Joe Wheeler, President CX Workout

The most misunderstood thing in customer experience design is that it is NEVER just about the customer. It is also about the employee and the shareholder.  To ensure you invest in things that create the right balance, focus on four things:

  1. Map Both the Customer and the Employee Experience: This is important because it determines the lens you see things through. You need to understand the experience you deliver from both your customer and your frontline employee’s view. It is both exciting and sobering, but through charting the journey, places where you can truly add value are quickly revealed.
  2. “Just the Facts Ma’am”: Only focus your customer improvement efforts on things that both your qualitative and quantitative data tells you they are changes that customers would value so much, they would actually pay you more for them.
  3. Get A New Mindset: Someone once said: “fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” It is harder to say than do, but it is worth it, because you may avoid holding onto solutions that have outlasted their usefulness, or were never the right answer in the first place. (5 seconds maybe a lifetime for a 911 call, but perhaps not if you have a question about your early retirement status.)
  4. Change How You Innovate: Embrace the practice of rapid experimentation as your ‘go to’ innovation strategy. The benefits are countless: you spend less, you fail more often, but cheaply, and when you succeed, you crush it.

Always remember that it is never just about the customer and I am sure you will avoid the most common mistakes in customer experience design.

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