About Us

A Rich Heritage

CX Workout began as a subsidiary of The Service Profit Chain Institute (SPCI), originally founded in 2005 by Joe Wheeler and Professors James Heskett, W. Earl Sasser and Leonard Schlesinger of Harvard Business School. Over the years, SPCI has worked with dozens of organizations across a diverse set of industries to implement Service Profit Chain concepts. CX Workout stands on the shoulders of SPCI’s landmark research and resulting insights into the new performance standards developed by leading companies, the Service Profit Chain Leaders, in their respective industries.

Team and Advisors


Management Team

Joe Wheeler, President and CEO: Joe Wheeler is the President and CEO of CX Workout, a Boston-based CX design/consulting firm dedicated to helping clients accelerate customer-driven, digital transformation. Prior to launching CX Workout, Mr. Wheeler was the Executive Director of its parent company, The Service Profit Chain Institute. While acting as Executive Vice President with The Forum Corporation in 2002, he co-authored a best-selling book on the subject: Managing the Customer Experience – Turning Customers into Advocates (FT Prentice-Hall 2002). In 2008, together with Professors Heskett and Sasser, Mr. Wheeler co-authored a new book: The Ownership Quotient, Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work for Unbeatable Competitive Advantage (HBS Press Dec 2008). He completed his Master’s in Business Administration at the Edinburgh Business School.

Laura Gallant, Director of Operations and Finance: Laura Gallant has over 20 years of experience in the Financial and Software Industries, most recently as Vice President of Human Resources, Solcorp (a division of EDS), and prior to that as leader of Sun Life Financial’s Quality Service department. Ms. Gallant holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors and MBA from Dalhousie University in Canada. She is also a designated Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Banker’s (FICB) and a certified Human Resources Professional with the Personnel Association in Canada.

Alexander Doak, Director of Customer Success: As CX Workout’s Customer Success Director, Alexander Doak provides customer and technical support to our clients and partners. An expert in developing online knowledge bases, he joined CX Workout after holding positions in several SaaS-based software firms, including Time Doctor and Staff.com.

Naveen Wijeratne, Development Team Leader: Naveen Wijeratne is our Software Technical Leader. He has seven years of experience in developing Software Platforms focusing on areas such as micro services, domain driven design, enterprise integrations, mobile application development and online payments.

Principal Associates: More than 24 senior consultants, facilitators, process improvement experts and project managers located from San Francisco to Singapore.

CX Workout Network Consultants

CX Workout has partnered with these leading consultants to provide expert services to support the application of the software platform:

Annette Franz of CX Journey: Annette Franz is CEO of CX Journey Inc., a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping clients ground and frame their customer experience strategies in/via customer understanding. Her passion lies in teaching companies about customer experience and helping them understand the importance of the employee experience in relation to fostering a great customer experience.

Andrea Memenas of Lightswitch: As founder and Chief Experience Officer at Lightswitch, Andrea Memenas helps clients build their brand and bottom line by turning customers into raving fans. With over 14 years of customer experience work, she is a pioneer in the field, assisting both B2C and B2B companies to identify, design and operationalize strategies for customer-centric change.

Jeannie Walters of 360Connext: Jeannie Walters is the founder and Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ of 360Connext, a global consulting firm that specializes in evaluating and improving the customer journey. Ms. Walters is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a CX Expert Panel member with the Customer Experience Professionals Association, a National Speakers Association Professional Member and a TEDx speaker. She also co-hosts Crack the Customer Code, a top-rated customer experience and customer service podcast.

Mike Wittenstein of StoryMiners: Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, one of the world’s first experience design agencies. With more than 500 projects in over two dozen countries, StoryMiners helps brands connect with their customers—primarily through experience design, journey mapping, cultural architecture and capability building.

Steven Carleton of CustomerMatters: Steven Carleton has spent the last 15+ years in Silicon Valley, building and leading teams at eBay, Apple, Genentech, and Sun Microsystems. Prior to his corporate career, he ran flight operations and flew rescue helicopters for the US Coast Guard in the Pacific. Although he has deep experience in the operational excellence domain and loves that work, his passion is Customer Experience (CX).


James Heskett, Harvard Business School – Emeritus

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Harvard Business School – Emeritus

Leonard Schlesinger, Harvard Business School

Robert Wolcott, Kellogg School of Management

Jeanne Bliss, CEO, Customer BLISS

Ed Boudrot, Senior Vice President, Optum

Strategic Partners


CX Workout relies on different types of partnerships each and every day to bring our mission to life.


Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, is changing the way organizations manage and improve the four core experiences of business––customer, employee, product, and brand. Over 11,000 organizations around the world are using Qualtrics to listen, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data™)––the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that tell you why things are happening, and what to do about it. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action that helps businesses attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, develop breakthrough products people love, and build a brand people are passionate about. To learn more, please visit qualtrics.com.


itracks is a premier online mobile market research firm, with a full suite of qualitative products that are the perfect complement to CX Workout’s research and design capabilities. CX Workout’s Journey Mapping Platform is a real-time solution for companies that enables them to connect directly with customers by collecting videos and images, ratings, comments and more. Together they provide breadth and depth when capturing every aspect of the Customer Journey.


Dynata is one of the world’s leading providers of first-party data contributed by consumers and business professionals. With a reach that encompasses 60+ million people globally, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy, quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its core first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing spectrum, from market research to marketing and advertising. Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research agencies, media and advertising agencies, consulting and investment firms, and healthcare and corporate customers globally.

Digital Transformation Collaborators

David L. Rogers

David Rogers is a consultant, speaker, and author of The Digital Transformation Playbook. He teaches digital strategy and marketing to executives at Columbia Business School and has advised numerous companies, including GE, Google, Toyota, IBM, Pernod Ricard and Visa.

Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker is a professor of engineering at Dartmouth College, where he also serves as Director of the Master of Engineering Management Program. In addition, he is a research fellow at MIT’s Initiative for the Digital Economy, where he leads platform industry research studies and co-chairs the annual MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He holds a B.S.E. from Princeton as well as a Ph.D. and M.S. from MIT. Mr. Parker has made significant contributions in the field of network economics and strategy as co-developer of the theory of “two-sided” markets. He is co-author of the book Platform Revolution.

Marshall Van Alstyne

As Questrom Chair of Management and co-author of the international bestseller, Platform Revolution, Professor Van Alstyne is a leading expert on network business models. He conducts research on information economics, covering such topics as the economics of networks, intellectual property, social effects of technology, and IT productivity. As co-developer of the concept of “two-sided networks,” he has been a major contributor to the theory of network effects. He holds a B.A. from Yale and a Ph.D. and M.S. from MIT. “Strategies for Two-Sided Markets,” an article he co-authored with Geoff Parker, has become a Harvard Business Review classic, and one of the top 50 articles of all time.

Lead a customer-driven revolution

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Realize the promise of digital transformation

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