Customer Driven Innovation in Half the Time

Move beyond journey mapping to customer co-creation

CX Workout is the world’s first SaaS-based software platform enabling true customer co-creation. It removes the traditional friction associated with co-designing solutions with customers, resulting in higher impact innovations in half the time.

With CX Workout you can deeply understand exactly what is happening, at any point, in your customers’ journey with the click of your mouse. Customers bring their journey to life with videos and photos of their actual experience; you see their reactions; hear their voices; capture their emotions and learn their ideas for improvement – all right at your fingertips.

Customer Co-Creation and CX Workout

CX Workout provides a customer engagement platform making it possible for organizations to harness the power of customer networks to co-design solutions, creating shared value for all stakeholders by:


Identifying new value creation opportunities in the customer experience through mobile-enabled Missions.


Exploring ideas and alternatives with customers through Discussions and Polls.


Working with customer cohorts to test prototypes and new product/service concepts or innovations in the customer experience

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Learn About the Co-Creation Movement*

Professor Venkat Ramaswamy of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business defines customer co-creation as “engaging people to create valuable experiences together while enhancing network economics.”

Networked individuals around the globe are no longer passive recipients of supply, thanks to digitization, globalization, and advances in interactive communications and information technologies, social media, and ubiquitous connectivity. Rather, individuals expect to be active participants and collaborators in the value creation process as co-creators of value. Co-creation is fundamentally a way of thinking about value creation that expands value with a “win more—win more” approach, together with individuals who are seen as both the means and ends of value creation.

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