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The Means Becomes the End2. The “Means” Becomes the “End”

A talented graphic artist who understands storytelling can take a customer journey map and turn it into an actual work of art worthy of professional framing. There is only one problem: It’s not art. And once it becomes art, even if it did its job and told a good story, it has defeated its purpose.

At a minimum, a journey map is a visual representation of the customer experience. It helps move us out of our “product out” mentality, walk in our customers’ shoes, and really appreciate the impact of a dropped call on a small business owner trying to place a supply order before the last day of the shipment window. Or what a late departure means for a daughter trying to reach an ailing parent back home. They help chart the emotional journey of the customer along with the functional steps, and highlight not just what customers are doing, but what they are thinking and feeling as well. They have the potential to expose chronic problems in the experience and often reveal less obvious opportunities to exceed customer expectations that could create even stronger loyalty to the brand.

Remember, beautifully depicted journey maps are the means to the end, not the end itself.

Add to this the fact that mobile has changed everything about how, when and where customers choose to interact with brands and it has left organizations without a mobile mindset reeling. A recent Forrester Report found that only 2% of companies are set up to “identify, deliver on and measure moments” in the customers’ experience. This alone demands that we re-think how we create and use journey maps as an essential tool in producing more customer-driven innovation. [1]

We take a completely different approach to customer journey maps. Of course, we lay out a creative view of the journey, but rather than framing it, we keep it online and empower employees and customers with mobile devices to fill each Touchpoint and Customer Action with videos, photos and real-time insights about their experience. We turn journey maps from something you might frame, into something that stimulates conversation, creates alignment across functions, and most important, that inspires action.

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[1] Moments that Matter, Intent-Rich Moments are Critical to Winning Today’s Consumer Journey,  Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Google, July 2015, Page 5

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