CX Workout Partners with MaritzCX to Deliver the Industry’s Most Comprehensive CX Solution

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BOSTON, MA. (February 7, 2017) – CX Workout, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Service Profit Chain Institute is pleased to announce that MaritzCX will be adding CX Workout’s dynamic journey mapping software to its portfolio of offerings. This partnership will provide CX practitioners a toolkit for more deep and qualitative research to complement their larger-scale quantitative measurement and performance improvement.


CX Workout leverages mobile devices to engage customers’ in-the-moment, so companies deeply understand even the most subtle, and often hidden, aspects of their customers’ unique, individual experiences. This information not only improves the customer experience, which in turn leads to increased revenue, but is also the foundation for new sources of innovation and competitive differentiation.


CX Workout enables companies to compare the employee view of the customer experience at any specific touchpoint in-the-moment with that of the actual customer.  Gaps between a company’s perception of a customer’s experience and their real priorities and pain are revealed, allowing real- time adjustment of processes to build better satisfaction.


Together, CX Workout and MaritzCX deliver even more value for CX professionals. CX Workout’s dynamic, electronic customer journey mapping platform allowing users to define and document the different stages, touchpoints, and attributes of the overall customer journey through mobile-enabled “missions,” which are targeted requests for feedback and insight from employees and customers. This process helps users build a deep qualitative understanding of the customer journey very quickly, using audio, video, and photos that bring the experience to life. The MaritzCX Platform then allows users to quantify the frequency and relative importance of these moments and invest in the highest-value areas on an ongoing basis.


“Instead of simply creating a static journey map, CX Workout allows users to engage customers by co-creating specific improvement ideas and solutions that the company can then go implement,” said JD Jeppson, vice president of business development and partnerships at MaritzCX. “Having this technology in our portfolio will help our clients get the most out of their CX programs and achieve positive business results.”


“We are thrilled to be working with MaritzCX,” said Joe Wheeler, founder and CEO of CX Workout. “By linking our qualitative customer journey mapping and co-creation solution to the ongoing quantitative CX measurement and performance improvement provided by MaritzCX, we are able to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive CX solution.”



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