Delivering on the Brand Promise



CoreSite embarked on a journey to understand how they were performing in the eyes of their customers and to redesign the customer experience in order to outpace competitors, accelerate their growth strategy and deliver more powerfully on their new Brand Promise.

Working with CX Workout is a true pleasure. They are incredibly knowledgeable about customer experience as a discipline and provide creative ways to solve problems and plenty of experience to draw upon. Most importantly, they are always willing to go the extra mile to support you. I would highly recommend working with CX Workout to any organization.

Danielle Vitale, Former Director Customer Experience, CoreSite


We applied our four-step process:

  1. Map the Current Customer Experience: This process included site visits to two data centers as well as customer interviews and focus groups.
  2. Innovate the Customer Experience: CoreSite already provided a high level of customer service. However, in addition to helping them to target improvements, the new experience was the impetus for the design of a new concierge service that drove a high level of differentiation. Over 30 opportunities, classified as Fix, Improve or Innovate, were identified.
  3. Develop the Measurement System: We worked closely with the Director of Customer Experience to design and launch a new VOC Measurement System.
  4. Finalize the Customer Experience Plan: Using our CX Business Plan Template, our consultants worked with the Director of Customer Experience to develop a multi-year CX Roadmap and Governance Plan that would sustain the wins achieved and ensure continuous improvement over time.



This project helped CoreSite cement their position as one of the leading service providers in their industry and provided a solid data platform to guide Six Sigma team charters.

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