Digital Realty

Moving the customer experience program to the next level


Digital Realty’s rapid growth, fueled by both organic performance and acquisitions, required the company to deliver a more seamless customer experience and take a more real-time and holistic approach to measuring customer satisfaction in their Scale and Colo businesses.

The team at CX workout truly understands how to change the game in the world of customer experience and help us focus on the moments that matter.

Mark C. Reynolds, Vice President, Global Customer Operations


We worked closely with the VP of Customer Satisfaction to design a new VOC Architecture:

  • CX Workout: After interviewing key stakeholders, customers and employees, the CXW team used the CX Workout platform to create a map of both the Scale and Colo customer journeys and identify Moments of Truth that would be important to measure.
  • VOC Architecture: Applying our VOC measurement design architecture, a new VOC measurement solution was designed and tested. With Steering Committee approval, we completed the development of new customer surveys and operations metrics.
  • Vendor Selection: After a thorough review of three vendors, we helped the client select the best fit in terms of a technology provider.


Digital Realty began by rolling out the new Relationship Survey, followed by the phased introduction of other Operational Measures and Transactional Surveys. As seen by their growth in NPS performance over time, the impact on these improvements to their service experience has been significant.

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