Designing a Better Billing Experience


Humana’s Commercial Division had contracted with a consulting firm to help them develop a new operating model for their billing process. Our role was to apply CX Workout software and research services to deliver qualitative and quantitative “outside in” customer insights.


Our research goals were to:

  • Define a clear understanding of the current end-to-end customer journey of small business customers.
  • Determine how Humana could serve Small Business customers better and solve issues that were contributing to a lack of satisfaction with billing specifically.
  • Develop a list of short-term actions that would effectively address current billing issues.


Following a 5-step process, CX Workout applied our software and services to create a shared map of the customer journey and uncover the root causes contributing to billing issues. We then delivered a 1-day CX Design session to help prioritize improvements to the experience that we then validated with our Quantitative Focus Group capability. The results shaped the final design of their new Operating Model and improvement initiatives.

5 Step Process


  • Employee View: Conducted in-depth interviews with the front line staff to define the journey, gather business barriers and ideas for opportunities. Sent follow up Missions (mobile surveys) to a segment of employees, capturing more insight into the pain points and the ratings of importance and expectations at each step.
  • Customer View: Developed and sent Missions designed to understand the customer journey, the ratings of importance and expectations at each step as well as suggested improvements.
  • External Sales Agents View: Conducted 3 -Day (asynchronous) Online Research with Humana’s Business partners to understand their journey, pain points and ideas to improve the process by journey stage.
  • Design Session: Evaluated the importance and expectations ratings by journey step, side by side for customers and employees. Led a 1 day Design session with the Humana team to review the gaps in ratings and the business importance and discuss ideas shared by employees, customers and external sales agents. Selected 5 areas for improvement, then brainstormed, prioritized and defined the five potential solutions.
  • Solution Validation: Conducted quantitative research with customers to share ideas and vote to prioritize insights on needs and solutions, all in real-time.

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