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Imagine your customers as ethnographic researchers sharing video and image files, ratings and comments that bring their experience to life. Speed up your path to insights by rapidly developing accurate journey maps with preconfigured industry templates and best practices.

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CX workout makes it easy for you to move into true customer co-creation with mobile enabled Discovery and Performance Missions: Short surveys that allow the customer to take a picture or video without needing to download a mobile app first.

CX Workout redefines the concept of Experience Design, Service Blueprinting and Journey Mapping truly enabling customer co-creation resulting in actionable innovation.

Ed Boudrot, Senior Vice President, Optum

CX Workout allows you to deeply understand exactly what is happening at any point in your customers’ journey with the click of your mouse. Customers bring their journey to life with videos and photos of their actual experience; you see their reactions; hear their voices; capture their emotions and learn their ideas for improvement; all right at your fingertips.

Learn more about how CX Workout can help you:

Licensing Options

CX Workout provides three licensing options





Price for 1 minute


$150/mo or $1,500/yr

    • Single User creating online Customer Journey Maps plus:
    • Develop up to 5 Customer Journey Maps (Employee View)

    • Complete up to 50 Project Team Missions

    • Manage Lists and Emails
      Media Upload Feature

    • Map Item Meta Data
    • Full Printing Functionality

    • Access to CXW Design Community

    • Online Help (Zendesk)

    • Employee Version of Customer Journey Maps



$1,500/mo or $15,000/yr

  • Includes all the Pro License features plus:
  • Develop up to 15 Customer Journey Maps

  • Complete 150 Customer and Employee Missions

  • Up to 10 Team Member Users

  • Copy Projects and Missions

  • Priority Matrix Report

  • Participation and Unsubscribe Reports

  • Online Help and 48-Hour Email Response

  • Customer and Employee Versions of Journey Maps

  • Qualtrics XM Integration



$3,500/mo or $35,000/yr

  • All of the Plus License features plus:
  • Develop up to 50 Customer Journey Maps

  • Complete up to 300 Customer and Employee Missions

  • Up to 15 Team Member Users

  • Share the Map with Subject Matter Experts

  • Gather Insights from SMEs or Team Members

  • 24-Hour or less Email Response

  • Qualtrics XM Integration